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Avoid Salmonella Tomatoes - Grow Your Own in a Greenhouse

Who isn't afraid of biting into a salmonella contaminated tomato?
The only way to ensure you and your family are consuming fresh vegetables that are also free of salmonella and other potentially dangerous contaminants, is to grow your own.
While summer gardens are easily managed, a greenhouse allows you the benefit of year round gardening, regardless of harsh weather conditions. There is nothing equal to the taste and freshness of a freshly picked tomato from the greenhouse during winter months. You will also have peace of mind in knowing that what you are feeding your family is healthy, safe and free from food borne illnesses.
And, many people are doing just that. Taking control of what they are eating by growing their own produce year round in their own greenhouse. Most people find the food that they grow themselves is far superior in taste and nutrition when compared to the food found in most grocery stores.
And now with the latest outbreak of tomato salmonella, growing your own produce is the only way to ensure that what you are eating is safe. This latest outbreak isn't the first, and will likely not be the last. 
As of June 12th, the salmonella tomato illnesses affected 228 people. There are now a total of 23 states affected by salmonella tomatoes. And even worse, the Food and Drug Administration has not been able to pinpoint the source. Nor do they know how much longer it could take.
One strain of salmonella is known as Salmonella Saintpaul, and at least 25 people have been hospitalized with this rare strain. Salmonella Saintpaul poisoning can cause serious and sometimes deadly infections, especially in young children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.
If you are interested in inquiring further into growing your own produce in your own greenhouse, please call our greenhouse consultant toll free 1-800-665-2124.

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