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"Really pleased with the ultimate set-up having the swim spa inside and away from inclement weather. It is wonderful to be comfortable with some nasty wind or rain outside. We are very happy!"
Online Customer, Custom Lean-to 12 x 16 Single Glass/Twinwall Poly
Petaluma, CA

Greenhouse is looking good.  Will start moving the cactus in soon.  Bob has all his plants in place and is really enjoying them.  Thank you for all you have done for Bob.  We really enjoyed working with you.  Thanks for all your help.
Online Greenhouse Customer, Feature Pacific 12 x 16 Greenhouse
Jamestown, NC

Greenhouse is looking good.  Will start moving the cactus in soon.  Thanks for all your help."
Online Greenhouse Customer, Feature Pacific 12 x 16 Twinwall Greenhouse
Jamestown, NC

"Thank you for helping us along the way.  It has been an exciting project!
FTR2040FW, Tichenor & Thorp Architects Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Shelley, Thought I would send a couple of pictures to you.  We are still waiting for the plumber and electrician to finish, but the greenhouse looks great!  I can't wait until we can play in it!  Thanks for all of your help.
(20 x 30 Straight Eave Fivewall Polycarbonate Greenhouse)

TR2030FW, Cozad Elementary School
Cozad, NE



My brother loves his greenhouse!  He has planted several vegetables already.  

Thanks for all of your advice and quick support as he had this

greenhouse delivered and constructed. 

Have a great holiday season Shelley!   

Online Customer, Feature Pacific Curved Twinwall Greenhoue 16 x 20
Bellefonte, PA

Thanks so much Shelley, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. 
I really appreciated the prompt responses to my many questions. 
Online Customer, Feature Pacific 16 x 20 Twinwall Greenhouse
Bellfonte, PA



Thank You for your help on picking the right fit for my greenhouse plans.

We have many Plants, Friends, Family and Butterflies  enjoying it. The engineering and quality of this product is absolutely amazing.

Attached is a photo upon our completion.

Thanks So Much!

Online Customer, Feature Cape Cod 8 x 12 Model
Cuyahoga Falls, OH



Time for a progress report.

First of all, we are absolutely delighted with our 8x20 single-pane lean-to greenhouse. It took us until late November to get the foundation and floor slab poured, with pex in the slab. Glass went on the first

week of December (photos show ladders still inside). The heated floor, however, didn't get hooked up until last week.  We've been extremely impressed with the engineering that went into this.  This structure survived

some pretty tough weather this winter, including two ice storms, many inches of snow, and high winds. We started these tomato seedlings (492 of them) in our propagation room, and set the plants out into

the sun room every time it heated up to a safe temperature.  On the days we had full sun, despite the coldest March on record here in Maine, they spend many hours basking in that sun. Seedling tray photo is from March 23. Now, with the floor heat hooked up, they are spending all their time

out there.  As you can see, they look gorgeous. Dark green (same potting mix), thick stems (not spindly reaching for light). No longer seedlings, the tomato plants are 10-12 days ahead of where they were this time last year,same planting date. Which has presented an unforseen problem for us

-- our fields are still unseasonably frozen from all that harsh weather, and the three hoophouses are not ready to house these beautiful specimens. Such a conundrum! (Don't worry, we've already got a plan.) Our neighbors are all impressed, don't know if you'll get any business out of it, but

you may. Thanks again for your patience in working with us. It took longer than we expected (scheduling problems on our end), but we are delighted with the result.





Online Customer, Traditional Single Glass Lean-to 8' x 20'
Dixmont, ME

You have not heard from us since our great success last year.  We finished our complete installation last year, and can't say enough about how pleased we are or the quality of the product.  We can't wait for Spring.  We are so excited about putting this greenhouse to
Jim and Cindy
Online Customer, 10' x 14' Fivewall Polycarbonate Lean-to
Conception Bay North, NL

"My maintenance department indicated that it (the greenhouse) was the best they have EVER anything packaged.  Thank you for your attention to our order. "
Frankfort School District 157C, Feature Sun Garden Greenhouse
Frankfort, IL


I have finally been able to install the greenhouse and am so happy with it.  The written directions and DVD were put to use and my husband said the instructions were very informative and easy to follow.

Thanks a lot!

Online Customer, Purchased Pacific 8 x 12 Twinwall Poly Greenhouse
Port Loring, ON

" The greenhouse arrived today and everything looks in good order.  The crating of the greenhouse is excellent - it is well protected. Thanks again! Shane"
Online Customer, Sun Garden Greenhouse
Wiarton, ON


Thank-you for all your help and the great service.  It is finally together and looking great.  I can't

wait to plant.  Thank-you again


Karen and Gord
Greenhouse Customer, Feature Traditional Fivewall Poly Greenhouse 12' x 20'
Onoway, AB


Hi Shelly.

The backyard greenhouse arrived Monday the 8th, very well packaged. Lovely green...Wonderful DVD.

Hope to get it up as soon as we get dry weather.

Greenhouse Customer, Sun Garden Twinwall Greenhouse
Antigonish, NS

I absolutely love this greenhouse!  I managed to put the whole thing together all by myself and I am very impressed with how sturdy the structure is.
Greenhouse Customer, 12 x 16 Anniversary Greenhouse
Orton, ON

I want to thank you for all your help in making this greenhouse buying/shipping go so smoothly. I know it's your job but I wanted to let you know you do it so well. I am grateful to The Ecolad Group for having such helpful and professional people. Hopefully I will never need another greenhouse but I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who wants to know.


Greenhouse Customer, Feature 12 x 20 Five Wall Poly Greenhouse
Adamsville, TN


I've been meaning to email you since I received the greenhouse.  I absolutely love this building!  Somehow I managed to put the whole thing together all by myself and I am very impressed with how sturdy the structure is.  We have had some strong winds and it has held up wonderfully.

Kim Wong
Greenhouse Customer, 12 x 16 Curved Twinwall Poly Greenhouse
Orton, ON


Here is the finished project.


All in all a very good experience working with you! And we survived the endless days of 105C thanks to the shade / cooler...now my gardening skills need to catch up...


Hope all is well where you are, Regards
14 x 24 Single Glass Greenhouse, Purchased January 2011
Dallas, TX

Hi Shellley,  Just thought that you would like some pictures of the completed greenhouse.  We can't tell you enough how very pleased we are with it and how much better it is over our previous one that got destroyed in the hail storm.  We have hooked up the electric outlets and overhead waterproof light and also the hot and cold water faucets.  The long red box is the recycled shipping crate for the greenhouse.  We cut it down to a size that we needed, waterproofed it with a FDA food safe product, cut in some drainage holes, and added wheels.  It is ready for the potting soil and seeds!!!  Our resident hummingbirds think it is great to fly through the open door and out through the vents.  They also like to hide just inside and fly out to "attack" another hummer.  We like to sit on the porch and just admire it because it is so beautiful.  Thanks again so very much. 
Green Greenhouse Free standing greenhouse
Fivewall Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit Side View of Fivewall Poly Greenhouse
Greenhouse Kit Interior Fivewall polycarbonate greenhouse interior
Fivewall Polycarbonate Greenhouse 10 x 12 Greenhouse interior
Tom and Sue
10 x 12 Five Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse
Bristol, TN


Shelley -

You have been a great help and I am looking forward to receiving the Greenhouse.  Hopefully my wife will get years of enjoyment out of it and I will get some early season and late season vegetables from it.  Thanks again.  Once it is complete I will send you a picture.


Greenhouse Customer, Custom Double Glass Cape Cod
Boyertown, PA


The greenhouse arrived yesterday. Everything is in good shape. Thank you so much for your extraordinary help. You really display a heroic amount of patience. Now if this dang storm would just let up we could set the greenhouse up. I'm so excited. 


Feature Anniversary 8 x 12 Greenhouse
Novato, CA

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have finished constructing our greenhouse! Thank you for shipping the parts we needed in a timely manner. It is beautiful.
Paul and Angie
West Middlesex, PA

"Happy spring! We would like to show you how our green house looks. Please see the attached files. So far we are very happy with it."
Richmond Hill, ON

Hi Shelley, I opened your email around 2pm yesterday and I was so excited that my greenhouse was on it's way. Doug phoned me at 5pm to tell me that it was waiting in Red Deer. My first thought was, Wow! You guys are good!:) The crates are now sitting in the
garage. Thank you so much for such excellent service. I will recommend backyard greenhouses to everyone. I'll keep in touch as this project unfolds.
Sincerely, Lorene and Luke
Lorene and Luke
Red Deer County, AB

"I am really impressed with the quality of this greenhouse."
Online Customer, Sun Garden Greenhouse
Toronto, ON

Shelley, My name is Dixie Norman and I am the assistant to the Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics, Dr. Craig Allee
at Shorter College. The following message is being sent on Dr. Allee's behalf:

Please review the attached photo's of my Angel Trumpet's. See how my little greenhouse is doing? Wish it was twice as big as it is.

Most of these are species of Bergmansia/Angel Trumpet.

If you ever need to refer anyone to a happy customer have them call me."
Craig Allee
Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics, Shorter College
Rome, GA

Attached is a photo of my completed greenhouse. I thought you might like to see it after it was finished. I hired a contractor and worked with him to build it. Am very satisfied with the results. Have a nice day.
Binghamton, NY


Thank you! I don't know where you find the energy but you are doing some very demanding but rewarding work indeed.Congratulations on all success! You are good hardworking caring person and a credit to any employer. Shine on Shelley!
Just want to let you know that I received the needed materials to complete the greenhouse yesterday..fast!! Thank you and the kind gentleman from the warehouse who called me back and had it sent to quickly. Wish business in my neighborhood worked as friendly and efficient to guarantee customer satisfaction! I know of local businesses that could well benefit from your example. I am always impressed with Canada's way of doing business and the warmth and generosity shown throughout. Thanks for care throughout this sale.
Best of luck, Debra
10 x 12 Curved Single Glass Lean-to
Mancos, CO

"Hi Shelley,

Well I hung the entrance door yesterday and can finally say the our greenhouse is fully assembled. It was not without challenges but the end result was a very nice structure. Overall it was great fun building this thing and honestly I see another "larger" one in
the future after we finish our home. You were a pleasure to work with and I will definitely come your way when the time comes
to build again.

With kind regards,
10 x 16 Cape Cod polycarbonate greenhouse
Cle Elum Wa

Shelley: Thanks very much for your efficiency in getting the greenhouse shipped in March. We received it promptly but I have just this past weekend had the opportunity to put it together. It is an excellent product and it went together very easily.
Online Customer, Sun Garden Greenhouse
Toronto, ON

"Thank you Shelley for everything. It's been a great buying experience."
10 x 12 Single Glass Curved Lean-to
Mancos, CO

"Hi Shelley, I'm so excited. Thanks so much for your wonderful service. K."
16 x 20 Seymour Greenhouse
M'Chageena, ON

"We're happy! The greenhouse was packaged unbelievably well. We LOVE the greenhouse!"
Online Customer, Sun Garden Greenhouse
Verona, PA

"The Greenhouse Kids, Dan Delion's Secret

"The book is fresh and fabulous."
Frank Tierney
Publisher, Borealis Press
Ottawa, ON

"Putting it together was easy.  I'm really pleased with it.  It was like clockwork.  You have a really nice product."
Online Customer, 12 x 16 Patricia Traditional Glass Greenhouse
Aurora, IL

"Thank you - we are still in the process of assembling the green house - everything fine so far!"
Online Customer, Cape Cod Greenhouse 8 x 12
Stavenger, Norway

I received my greenhouse this morning. It was crated extremely well. Your shipping team does a great job and the crates were easy
for 2 of us to unload. Huge attaboy to ABF and Boone Freight for their excellent service. I was wondering if you can direct me to a
really good online resource on greenhouse how to's for over wintering tender aquatics and marginals in Iowa. I have NO greenhouse
experience. This first year will be pure experimentation, and I accept that. However any "leg up" will be extremely appreciated. Again,
thanks for your personalized, efficient service!
Online Customer, Sun Garden Greenhouse
Boone, IA

"We received delivery yesterday.  Everything looks very solid and good.  Thank you!"
Online Customer, Anniversary Greenhouse, 8 x 12
Callander, ON

Here are some pics of the greenhouse assembly - it took us 3 days, but we think we got it right. The video was very helpful - when
we had a problem, we just replayed it again.
Building Sun Garden Frame
Customer builds Sun Garden Frame
Customer Builds Sun Garden Frame
Customer completes Sun Garden Frame

Customer Adds Poly Panels to Sun Garden Greenhouse
Customer adds in twin wall poly panels
Sun Garden Greenhouse Completed
Completed Sun Garden Greenhouse built by customer

Online Customer, Sun Garden Greenhouse
Okotoks, AB

"The greenhouse has arrived, snug as a bug in a rug in my garage as we speak..That was fast. Thanks so much."
Online Customer, Feature Sun Garden Greenhouse
Spruce Grove, AB

"This was a retirement gift for myself. We were all amazed. Everything was in tact. It's a hearty little greenhouse and I am enjoying it!"
Online Customer, Patricia Greenhouse
Coarsegold, CA

"Hi Shelley

I am definitely impressed with your help, and as soon as I can do this, I will contact you.

Thank you."
Searching for greenhouse to purchase
Hamburg, NY

"Hi Shelley,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have been very busy building our new greenhouse. I have so much to tell you.

My husband and I both work so we started working on the greenhouse after work last week. We also worked on it starting at 5:30 am until 9 when we would go to work. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to build the greenhouse. Everything we did from start to finish was a pure pleasure.

All of the parts were perfectly labeled and fit together exactly. It all arrived in excellent condition due to the attentive packing. The video gave us a great foundation on what needed to be done and when we hit a stumbling block we referred to the instruction manual. We did make a few errors, but they were easily corrected and due to our failure to follow instructions. The kit was 100% complete with all necessary parts, screws, bolts etc. Nothing was omitted and everything was cut to fit precisely as it should have been.

It took both of us approximately twelve hours to assemble the entire greenhouse from start to finish. There were three errors that we made during assembly that took us approximately three hours to correct once we realized we had made them. So nine hours probably would have been sufficient without the errors.

So, we would like to thank you for such a great product! It was so refreshing to work with something that actually met all of our expectations. We couldn't be happier.

Please feel free to have people contact us for future referrals.

Greenhouse Customer, Cape Cod Glass Greenhouse
Westport, MA

"Thanks very much. It arrived today! Great service."
Juliana Greenhouse
Minneapolis, MN

"I received the greenhouse Monday, November 19. Spent most of the rest of the day opening the crates and watching the dvd. Looked like everything arrived in good shape. The weather was good at that time, so I spent Tuesday and part of Wednesday assembling the sides and ends in my shop next to my garden. I like to grow cool season vegetables during the winter."
Online Customer, Five Wall Polycarbonate Free Standing Greenhouse
Hill City, KS

"Everything came in wood crates with no problem. Thanks Shelley, "
Online Customer, Twin Wall Polycarbonate Lean-to
Alexandra, VA

I received a follow-up call on the greenhouse to see how things are going. Very nice touch, good business etiquette, if I may say so. So many companies forget about you once the sale is over. We have the base up, but haven't put the kit together yet. We received everything and are just waiting for some time to get it up and running. We are very excited to get it set up. Thanks to everyone I talked with for the wonderful customer service.
Online Customer, Juliana Compact Greenhouse
Sanders, AZ

"The product is a very nice greenhouse. Thanks Shelley. "
Online Customer, Custom Double Glass Lean-to
Aspen, CO

Here is a picture of my hobby greenhouse in full operation. Luckily, I was able to get hard to find replacement parts for my automatic vent openers from Backyard Greenhouses in order to maintain proper ventilation. Thank you Backyard Greenhouses for your speedy service.
Phone in Customer, Bayliss Replacement Cylinders
Caledon, ON

"The engineering on the lean-to was superb. It went together like a well oiled machine. It goes together like a dream. "
Phone in Customer, 6 x 12 Custom Glass Lean-to
Rodney, ON

"We have already gone through all the boxes and everything was packed excellently. Everybody's a happy camper."
Lois, National Park Service
Grand Teton National Park for Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Traditional Glass Greenhouse - 10'8" x 16'9"
American Fork, UT

"SUPER product, fast delivery and item in perfect shape!"
Online Customer, Juliana 6' x 9' Basic Greenhouse
Meridian, ID

"Great! Exactly as stated..Thanks!"
Online Customer, Juliana 6' x 9' Basic Greenhouse
Sandia Park, NM

"Fast shipping and it looks great!"
Online Customer, Sun Dog Greenhouse - 9' x 12'
Middleton, WI

"Shelly You're a Peach-Thanks. I have a little landscaping to do before I take pics (of greenhouse) and I will send you one or Two. Here is a photo of the anniversary greenhouse. The Grape supports were there so I used them as a make shift shade cloth support. All went together nicely and we have had many compliments. Thank you so much for staying on top of things. You are great to deal with. "
Online Customer, Feature Anniversary Greenhouse
Amboy, WA

"Thanks again Shelley. Your service is second to none!"
Online Customer, Juliana Basic 600 Greenhouse
Butler, PA

"Thanks Shelley. It's exciting! I can hardly wait to have it (greenhouse) installed! "
Online Customer, Traditional Double Glass Greenhouse - 8' x 18'
Port Colborne, ON

Shelley, you were so very professional and really walked me through what I needed to know about greenhouses. I have passed your name on our roofing contractor who wants a greenhouse for his own family. I will be happy to pass your name on and help you out in
any way that I can. Thanks for all your help.
Telephone Inquiry, Traditional Double Glass Greenhouse - 6' x 12'
Wyncote, PA

The greenhouse is up and running. I planted in raised beds today lots of vegetables. Also we made a potting table today.
I am thrilled that it is up and that we can use it in so many ways.
Online Customer, Feature Anniversary Greenhouse - 8' x 12'
Oak Hills, CA

I love my new greenhouse. My husband has taken it over and planted sunflowers all around it for shade. It was even featured on regional TV.
Online Customer , 12 x 16 Double Glass Greenhouse
Hawkesbury, ON

"I love my greenhouse, I use it as a gift shop."
Online Customer , 16 x 20 Straight Single Glass Greenhouse
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

"My greenhouse is in the middle of my yard, it gets a lot of sun. I just love it! I've had to put up some shade cloths to protect my orchids. "
Online Customer , 8 x 12 Curved Twinwall Greenhouse
Eatonton, GA

"I love my greenhouse."
Online Customer , 10 x 27 Straight Double Glass Lean-to
Hawkesbury, ON

"Our greenhouse is great, my wife loves it to death. It stood up good in the weather, through the ice and snow"
Online Customer , 10 x 12 Straight Single Glass Greenhouse
Islip, NY

"My greenhouse is great."
Online Customer , 8 x 12 Straight Single Glass Greenhouse
Charlotte, NC

"I love my greenhouse. I planted tomatoes and it got cold and they didn't make it."
Online Customer , 8 x 12 Straight Single Glass Greenhouse
Glouster, OH

"I love my greenhouse, it's great."
Online Customer , 6 x 18 Straight Single Glass Lean-to
Sarnia, ON

I can send you a photo when we have them completed. We have the frames up and are now building the bases and will do some wiring before we set the poly in place.
Herb Cutforth
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada, Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre
Swift Current, SK

"You have been the greatest... Thanks again!"
8 x 14 Double Glass Greenhouse, Online Customer
Winter Harbor, ME

My experience with dealing with backyard greenhouses was great ... I got tons of personal help from Shelley in helping me make my decision, as well as working with me around my delivery schedule to logistics on actually receiving shipment. The cross country
anniversary 12x16' green house is of excellent quality and design. Virtually everything fit together perfectly and the instructions were explicit and easy to follow with the added help of a step by step vhs tape detailing the project from start to finish. The folks that designed and manufactured this truly knew what they were doing .
David Myers
Online Customer, Feature Anniversary Greenhouse 12'8" x 16'9"
Springfield, IL

Thank you so very much!!! I am so excited to start the growing season early next year!! This will definitely make for a great birthday gift. Thanks again. If there is any other info you need please let me know.
Online Customer, Juliana Basic Greenhouse
Shapleigh, ME

Well the greenhouse is all up ...it actually was relatively easy and I am very pleased ...I will send a couple of jpegs when I get a chance .... For your packers they did overall an excellent job.
Online Customer, Anniversary Greenhouse 12' x 16'
Springfield, IL

"I want to compliment you on the thorough labeling of the greenhouse parts. The quality is very good. I am quite happy!"
Online Customer, Glass Lean-to 14 x 14
Powell, ME

I am very pleased with the greenhouse. It is now completely set up and it will more than serve our purposes here. I am impressed with the overall quality and I hope we can do business again.
Chris Adams
Online Customer, Free Standing Triple Wall Greenhouse
Shorter College

I purchased an 8' x 12' Cross Country greenhouse from your company on July 13th. I received excellent advice from Shelley Awad in selecting the best model for my needs (my wife is the gardener, not me). Shelley also handled the transaction to conclusion. Initially, Shelley was told the greenhouse would not ship until the 21st. She made the extra effort to get it to me on sooner, plus she was very helpful throughout the entire transaction. The greenhouse is an anniversary gift for my wife and she returns from a trip on Sunday, so I want to have it up before she returns. Due to Shelley's extra efforts, I received it today and will have plenty of time to have it ready before my wife returns. It's nice to receive efficient, polite, service from someone that is also an expert about the products which she sells. Shelley is an excellent representative for your company.
Online Customer, Anniversary Greenhouse
Applegate, CA

"Thanks so much for all your help with this project. Tony and I sure appreciated your timely responses and handling of our special requests. I just thought you'd like to see how it turned out and the issues we had with the roof vents hitting the garage roof. Also, you can see why we did not need any doors with this greenhouse as it attaches directly to the garage. We had a pig roast over the weekend and I have a feeling you will be contacted by one of our guests later this week about ordering a kit. He loved ours and said he's always wanted a year round greenhouse. Thanks again!"
Tony and Linda
Online Customer, Cross Country Glass Lean-to
Mundelein, IL

I just wanted you to know the cedar potting bench arrived today.  I have already put it together and put it to use.
Thank you for a smooth transaction.
Online Customer, Juliana Cedar Potting Bench
Wilmington, NC

Thanks for your quick work on this. It reinforces what we have said for the past three years--you and your group live up to the rapidly disappearing customer service ideal. I wish more companies and its staff were as efficient, eager to help and nice to talk to.
Thanks again.
Jack and Jeanne
Online Customer, Victorian Greenhouse & Misting Kit
Lenexa, Kansas

"My greenhouse is now installed and has already been greatly admired. Wanted to thank you for your after-sales support. We'll certainly have no hesitation recommending your company to anyone in this area looking for a greenhouse!"
Online Customer, Cross Country Tempered Glass Lean-to

Again, it was such a pleasure working with you and your company. The greenhouses we found on your website are absolutely gorgeous. I am sure our recipient will get much enjoyment out of hers for many years. Thank you again for everything you have done for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Online Customer, Cross Country Twinwall Greenhouse
Make-A-Wish Foundation

I just wanted to let you know my husband is finally getting the greenhouse completed today and it is just wonderful. I am so glad I decided on the Julianna. It is so sturdy. I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks again for all your help.
Online Customer, Juliana Premium 6mm 9'1" x 12'2"
Liberty Hill, Texas

"Received my grow rack today, is exactly what I wanted, thanks for quick shipping."
Online Customer, Juliana 4 Tier Grow Rack
Bourbon, MO

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help in getting the greenhouse. The glass is going in today! It's quite nice. Can't wait to start setting it up. Might bother you again in the future for accessories. Take care.
Online Customer, Grand Hideaway
Redwood City, CA

"Hi Shelley, thank you...it arrived today & was a nice quick assembly....so far I LOVE IT and it is everything I thought it would be. Thanks"
Online Customer, Juliana 4 Tier Grow Rack
La Plata, Maryland

"The Germinator Greenhouse is really a nice product. Perfect for winter use in our area. It's really well made and all of my plants are doing wonderful."
Online Customer, Germinator Greenhouse 8' x 8'
Mandeville, LA

"Very professional seller. The way on-line buying should be! Great communication and fast shipping. Thanks!"
Online Customer, Juliana Greenhouse
Beaufort, SC

I love my bench!!! The quality is very good. I assembled it in about an hour by myself. I would love to have the second one as soon as possible. I would love to have it in place in my greenhouse before the bad weather hits. Thank you so much. Thank you for excellent product and service!!!!!
Online Customer, Cedar Potting Bench
Maryville, TN

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of this Julianna greenhouse. My contractors surprised me and showed up as promised in August. I think it helped that they are also gardening enthusiasts. They enjoyed putting it together (even though
they did have to convert the metric measurements occasionally!) We were all impressed with the quality and how easily everything went together. We only speak and read one language around these parts which is Southern (rather than the eight featured in the instructions) -but no matter. The diagrams were easy enough to figure out. The fact that I'm in the midst of a serious tomato glut didn't hurt. The tomatoes that I sent home with the contractor were voted truly excellent by his mother-in-law- and around these rural parts growing a fine tomato elevates one's stature considerably. Neighbors will tolerate all manner of eccentricity and oddness when one can produce bushels of good tomatoes. With our dreadful hot late August days I put that shade cloth on on the green house and found a decent digital Min/Max thermometer. I'm recording temps to get a feel for how
much the shade cloth reduces the heat and how much warmer the green house is than the outdoor temps. Our first two weeks in September can still be pretty hot, so I'm taking my time moving in. I have the benches in use however, although they are down in my shadier cooler porch area until the temperatures cool down enough to put them into the green house. I believe we will be just about safe to do so this coming week. Here in Central Virginia I have beets, collards, two types of kale and broccoli ready to go into the ground. Last week I planted in the main garden broccoli and three types of Chinese cabbages along with perennial bunching onions for the fall garden. I have numerous flats of lettuces, spinach, arugula, and greens mixes coming to go into the ground by the end of September. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be starting the winter crops that will grow under tunnels in the garden AND in the green house. Most winters we can harvest up to Thanksgiving or even Christmas using the tunnels,but for years I have yearned to pluck greens in January and February. Now I have the chance! Some of us just don't quit do
we? You were great to deal with and I've told a number of other people about your company. You are welcome to use excerpts from this e-mail in your next newsletter.
Online Customer, Juliana Premium 8.3 Greenhouse Painted Green
Barboursville, VA

"The greenhouse just brings it all together...we have looked at lots of them but the look and price were just what we had hoped for."
Robert and Beth
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe FS 913
Coventry, RI

"I just got the Victorian Greenhouse built yesterday. I love it. I can't wait to get growing in it."
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe FS 913
Fredericton, New Brunswick

"Your kit is an excellent product-well engineered and designed. I have already referred several friends and neighbors."
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe FS 913
Summerville, SC

"I can't say enough about the Victorian Greenhouse. Your product is good."
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe FS 917
Smithtown, NY

"I am impressed with the engineering and fit. Thank you very much. It's really an awesome greenhouse."
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe FS 917
Eden, MD

I have enjoyed working in the greenhouse and we have had flowers blooming beautifully. We are looking forward to experimenting with our 'green thumbs'.
Jane Marie
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe FS 913
Wheatley, Ontario

"Super fast shipping, great communication, great item!"
Online Customer, Juliana 4 Tier Grow Rack
Los Alamos, NM

"It's finally taking shape... I love my greenhouse"
Online Customer, Juliana Basic 600
Warren, NJ

"I received the Juliana Grow Rack. My wife and I love it. Fast shipping and it looks great on our deck."
Online Customer, Juliana 4 Tier Grow Rack
Clymer, PA

"I love the greenhouse so much, I'm going to get another one!". "I'm really happy with the quality."
Online Customer, Victorian Glass Greenhouse - Deluxe Model FS-917
Middleburg, FL

"Thanks, Shelley. You and your company are to be congratulated.I've had a very pleasant experience with both!"
Online Customer, Juliana Shutter Fan
Prescott, AZ

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