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Pacific Feature Greenhouse Kit

Click here to go directly to the Pacific Twinwall Polycarbonate Greenhouse on sale.
Click here to go directly to other sizes available in twin wall polycarbonate.
The Paciifc Twinwall  Greenhouse Kit makes an architectural delight with its curved eaves.   This large greenhouse features plenty of growing space and measures:
16' 5 1/4" wide x 20' 7 3/4" long x 10' 6 1/2" high
The 6mm double Twin Wall polycarbonate efficiently traps heat that is produced by the sun insulating it against the cold. The light transmission is 85%, and sunlight is diffused allowing even more growing! Polycarbonate also minimizes against interior condensation inside the greenhouse.
Twin Wall Polycarbonate - Next to single glass glazing, twin wall polycarbonate is the next most economical glazing material. It offers ample heat insulation and diffuses harmful sunlight in the summer. It is 200 times stronger than single glaze glass, making it very safe in a family environment. The insulation will prevent the temperature in the greenhouse from changing drastically.
R value = 1.53
The extra high 5'6" side walls are perfect for side shelving. Roof bars are designed to carry the weight of hanging baskets. Large automatic roof vents ensure your plants will receive proper ventilation. The premium wide double storm doors with adjustable screened sliding window can also be locked. The door can be lowered into a foundation if additional height is required. This door drop option is offered free of charge.

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, the durable aluminum frame comes with an attractive white enamel paint finish.
This feature double Twin Wall polycarbonate greenhouse is one of our top sellers and is considered our top Best Buy! It has been designed and constructed to the highest engineering standards for over 50 years!
Click here to go directly to the Pacific Twinwall Greenhouse Kit on sale.
Click here to go directly to other sizes available in twin wall polycarbonate.

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