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Marley Electric Heater for Greenhouses

Marley Electric Heater Supplied by Backyard Greenhouses
Do you need help setting your electric heater thermostat?
The Marley Electric Heater supplied by Backyard Greenhouses comes with a built-in thermostat.  While these built-in thermostats are not a precision instrument, they do offer a temperature range from cool to hot. 
You will require our minimum/maximum thermometer to set your desired temperature inside the greenhouse.  This is done when you experience a few colder nights.
To calibrate the temperature, at nightime set the built-in thermostat to the range that you think is close to what you want the inside temperature to be in the greenhouse. Your plants will dictate the temperature that they should be kept at in the greenhouse.  A hot temperature range is considered to be above 70 degrees F and a cool greenhouse temperature ranges between 30 and 50 degrees F.  Many plants are kept at a mid rnage of 50 to 65 degrees F.
In the morning, check your minimum/maximum thermometer to find out the coolest temperature inside the greenhouse during the night.  Now you can move your thermostat up or down to achieve the temperature that you want to maintain as the lowest in the greenhouse.  Repeat this process as needed.
If you want a specific temperature maintained inside the greenhouse, then you may want to consider adding an external greenhouse thermostat.  Thise greenhouse thermostat would be hard-wired to the heater's power chord or to the power supply for the heater.  This will allow you to set a precise temperature.
Keep in mind that heater placement in the greenhouse, air circulation, placement of exhaust fans and outside temperature can create different temperature zones within the greenhouse.  It is handy to use your minimum/maximum thermometer in different zones within the greenhouse to find any fluctuating greenhouse temperatures.
Backyard Greenhouses provides a free minimum/maximum thermometer with all their greenhouses.
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