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Backyard Buzz - October 2012

October 26th, 2012:

Backyard Buzz
October 2012


Our Legacy Greenhouse is on sale for only $2,495.00 and comes with a free door drop kit valued at $125.00 on all orders placed before November 20th, 2012. See below for sale details and check out our flooring tips.
Legacy Greenhouse Sale
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What's a door drop?

The Legacy Greenhouse is perfect for those with limited space. Receive a free door drop kit for a limited time only. That's a $125 bonus! The door drop is a custom modification that lowers the greenhouse door into your foundation (in other words, it allows the door to be flush with the ground, even though the greenhouse is sitting on a raised foundation wall).

Prior to manufacturing your greenhouse, we will ask for the dimensions of the "door drop" which is the total height of your raised foundation (which could be a concrete footing, one row of 4 x 4's or a custom rock wall.)

We will place an order for a custom piece of glass to install above the door for a perfect fit! This offer is only valid on purchases made prior to November 20, 2012.

Dropped Door diagram

Greenhouse Gardening Tip - Greenhouse Flooring

Choosing between greenhouse flooring options includes considering many different factors. You'll want to think about drainage, decomposition, price, heat retention, comfort and traction. You may also want to consider visual attractiveness. Read on for more info on choosing your greenhouse flooring.

1. Drainage

Drainage is crucial in a wet environment like a greenhouse. If you prefer solid flooring materials like concrete or wood, it is recommended that you install drains to help keep your greenhouse floor dry. This also helps to keep the greenhouse and your plants mold-free. Plan for the location of the drains so that they are not in the middle of a walkway or working area. Some people slightly slope the floor so that water flows toward the drain. Organic floors like pine needles, mulch, or plain dirt have the best drainage capabilities. Other materials to consider include gravel, bricks, patio blocks or flagstone.

2. Decomposition

Bark mulch, sawdust and wood will all need to be replaced at some point. These materials will decompose and could become a breeding ground for algae and pests.

3. Price

Pricing is always an important factor to consider. Concrete floors cost more, but if your greenhouse is 16 x 20 or larger, it is the recommended material to use. Always wash down your concrete at least once a year to ensure that algae is not forming.

4. Heat Retention

If you live in a colder climate, heat retention is very important. Brick and flagstone will help trap and slowly release the solar energy collected during the day. This can help reduce heating costs.

5. Weeds

Always place weed screen underneath your flooring. This will save you time and hassle of pulling unwanted weeds that may sprout through your greenhouse floor.

Send Us Your Greenhouse Picture

Send us a picture of your greenhouse along with your city and we'll print your picture in our next newsletter. Let us know what you like to grow and how you use your greenhouse. Email all pictures to shelley@ecolad.com

Happy Gardening
Shelley Awad
Greenhouse Consultant
Backyard Greenhouses


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Written By: Shelley Awad
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