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Greenhouse Newsletter - Heating a Greenhouse

November 1st, 2006:


November 2006
Volume 19


November in the Greenhouse
The Ultimate Gardener's Gift - Giving a Greenhouse
Heating a Greenhouse


With December just around the corner, we get many inquiries from people who wish to give their favorite gardener a greenhouse for Christmas. Throughout the year we've had orders for "birthday surprises" as well. I hope you'll find our stories regarding our "gift giving customers" below amusing. November brings cold weather in many parts of North America and we have answered some of your questions regarding heating a greenhouse.

November in the Greenhouse



November is the month to transform your greenhouse into your personal conservatory! I've added a bistro set to enjoy a cup of coffee or dinner surrounded by the lush tropical plants I have housed for winter. Visit a commercial greenhouse or conservatory for ideas that you can implement. Your greenhouse can become your own private winter oasis.and the best part is that it is only a few steps from the back door! Colorful plants, soft lighting and lots of winter sunshine chase away the winter blahs! There is something quite magical being inside the greenhouse while surrounded by ice and snow.

If you are planning on decorating your greenhouse for Christmas, November is perfect. We put miniature white lights around our greenhouse one year, and it looked quite stunning. Lighting can also be used to enhance the interior, especially if your greenhouse is glass.
Whether you've created a personal conservatory or decorated your greenhouse for Christmas, email your photo to shelley@ecolad.com
We'd love to share it with our readers.

The Ultimate Gardener's Gift - Giving a Greenhouse

I can't think of any garden enthusiast who wouldn't be thrilled to own their own greenhouse. We received a phone call last month from Richard of Charlotte, NC who wanted to purchase a Juliana Greenhouse for his wife as a birthday surprise.

Richard wrote to us "I have received the greenhouse and will complete its installation this weekend. It is a surprise for my wife's birthday. She is out of town until Sunday and I hope to have it complete and ready to have dinner in it with her on Sunday evening. It looks great so far. Thanks."



Now, that's going to be a nice birthday surprise! Kudos to Richard for serving dinner in the greenhouse.now that's a great idea.

I must confess that most of our greenhouse gift callers are not as organized as Richard was. We get many last minute callers where the conversation goes something like this:

Customer: "Hello, I'd like to order a greenhouse for my wife. It's for her birthday and it's a surprise."

Backyard Greenhouses: "That's a great gift idea.when is her birthday?"

Customer: "Tomorrow"
We won't name any names here, but the customers ordered their greenhouses, and we sent a color photo of the greenhouse via overnight courier so there would be a present to unwrap.

We had one customer call to order a greenhouse for his wife "to get him out of the doghouse". Out of the doghouse.into the greenhouse. Hope it worked! We won't name any names here either!

We are all guilty of "putting off until tomorrow what we don't need to do today". With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to give us a call. If you are planning a special gift in the future, allow yourself plenty of time for delivery and/or installation. We'll be happy to assist you in selecting a greenhouse that's just right for both your space and budget.

Thanksgiving and Thanks to our Customers


What better time than Thanksgiving to give thanks to all of our customers! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers across both the U.S.A. and Canada. Our greenhouses and garden products are shipped daily across both nations, and your business is very much appreciated.

Heating a Greenhouse


If you live in a cold weather climate, you will need to add greenhouse heating. You can use gas, electric, propane, hot water.anything will work.
You will need to create an environment inside the greenhouse that is suitable for the climate you live in and what you are trying to grow. Many plants can be kept at a minimum of 45 to 50 degrees F, while certain tropical plants demand warmer temperatures of about 65 degrees F. When selecting your heat method, choose a system that is
thermostatically controlled for maximum efficiency. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, and how cold the temperatures are, a small electric space heater may not be adequate. For example, if you live in cold winter areas, a small space heater will have to run constantly and is likely to burn out. It's important to choose a heating method that works for both your climate and your plants. We recommend that you consult a local heating and cooling company for best service and installation. Consulting local resources is beneficial and these resources include Universities that have Agriculture Departments, Master Gardener Organizations and Commercial Greenhouse Growers. We can also advise you on BTU requirements for the size of your greenhouse and what you are growing.just give us a call.



Backyard Greenhouses
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Written By: Shelley Awad
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